Capture the key moments in your life, big & small
Organise, replay, visualise and understand them, wherever you are


Start accumulating your activities today.  Record places you have been, people you have met, interesting situations you have been in

Just a few minutes a day and within a short time you will start to get payback

Wherever you are.  Whatever the context

Situations to capture from your day

A trip with a friend

A visit to a restaurant

Recording an accident

  • Create and organise content
  • Build relationships between people, places & objects

Integrate with Spotify, IMDB & calendars. Grab links from YouTube

Visualise to gain better access to knowledge you already have & gain insights using Layouts; Street Maps; & Timelines.  Share when you are ready

  • Move back & forwards through time in your life and across history
  • Relive past memories. Recall when you forget
  • Make plans for the future

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