Well done for finding this page. We look forward to you joining us for food, drink and conversation of a quality that appears to improve as time passes. All to celebrate our birthdays, which are always close together and always in the summer. 
The party is at 4 Limerick Road, BS6 7DZ on 20th August 2022 kicking off from 5pm, with food being served around 6:30pm. We live behind the blue door. No presents please.

The RMT strike for the 20th August is currently still on. Hopefully it will all be sorted before party day, though this seems increasingly unlikely.

If you need somewhere to stay you will have to find your own accommodation as the house is now completely full. Let us know if this is a problem and we will try and help, though your Airbnb and skills are what matters and your skills are almost certainly better than ours. You can always sleep in Lawrence's room, though this is itself now formally crowded.

The whole place is going to be a little reminiscent of earlier times, which is no bad thing as the parties were great, except that this time it’s with somewhat older people. That said our youngest guest is under 2 and up for a good time.

I know that many of you will be pleased to hear that the haunted toilet is currently open to visitors. Please remember that all your voluntary contributions go directly to the associated charitable fighting fund. No consultants or interior designers have so far received (or taken) a penny. A debate still rages as to whether this is fact the problem.

The Covid variant front seems currently settled with Bristol numbers, previously high, now plummeting. The house has a good number of windows, which will be open.   

To make the most of your weekend why not consider visiting the Van Gogh Immersive Experience on Feeder Road at 1pm on Saturday, you can also get lunch there.  Avoid watching the trailers as it makes being there that much more special.  Let us know if you want some tickets and we will provide them. As of the 15th there are still places.  
You are very welcome to join us on Sunday morning. If you are too early we will still be asleep, too late and we will be off on our pogo sticks or you may get lucky and there might be brunch.
We are very much looking forward to seeing you, do let us know how your plans are progressing. Contact Lawayne 0773 864 2421 or Jonn 0777 328 5923 or email